Cushioned, Spring-loaded, Sensor Mounts

Is sensor downtime killing your equipment's productivity? Then makes your inductive proximity sensors immune from impact and abrasion damage. These spring-loaded mounts also include a protective, thread-on, abrasion-resistant cap. SoftNozeâ„¢ makes setup faster, safer, and protect against future over-travel damage and unplanned downtime in the future. How a SoftNoze Works

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Technical Specifications:

  • For uses with:

  • Inductive Proximity Sensors

  • Sensor sizes; Threaded barrel: M5x0.5, M8x1, M12x1, M18x1 and M30x1.5.

  • Sensor sizes; Smooth barrel: 4mm & 6.5mm

  • Request Custom/Customized solution(s)

  • Features:

  • Protects sensors from impact and abrasion damage

  • Eliminate equipment downtime and related expenses

  • Increased productivity and reduce production defects

  • Initial sensor gap alignment procedures less prone to sensor damage at start-up

  • Materials of Construction

  • (under-going updating)

  • Mechanical

  • (under-going updating)

  • Electrical

  • None. Mechanical mount, electrical specs determined only by your sensor(s)


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