12 Steps for planning the purchase of an Automated Machine or Production System:

When your company seeks to improve production rates, reduce manual labor, increase worker safety and or improve product quality, then you're probably looking to use Automated Machinery or Systems. Here are some guidelines...

1. You invite vendor(s) to undertake a discovery process to understand your production processes and requirements. In addition or alternatively you offer an outline of the current process and specify desired outcomes and any new system specifications.

2. Vendor(s) have a multi-disciplined team (mechanical, electrical, sales and project management) that reviews and offers conceptual solution, quotation(s) to meet the request.

3. Your company/team evaluates bid(s); perhaps seeking modifications until finally a contract is awarded to a vendor(s). Note: Contract should include Service Agreement, suggested spare-parts and maintenance schedules as well as product warranty details.

4. Project manager(s) on the vendor side(s) assigned a single point of contact for projectís duration to keep communications with you/your company clear.

5. Vendor engineering teams refine and optimize each element of newly quoted production process into a defined build design.

6. Approved design is fully documented and released for manufacturer.

7. Purchasing and production of all system components commences and an assembly team builds the system.

8. Upon completed mechanical assembly, a control team completes electrical systems and programming.

9. At a vendor location, a run-off of the equipment at full production rates verifies all quality and system performance match agreed upon specifications.

10. Modifications and change orders are agreed upon, quoted, accepted and carried out and on your approval, equipment is disassembled and transported to your location.

11. Vendor teams and disassembled system arrive at your company, reconstruct and final validation is completed.

12. Your company and or contractor(s) begin operating your newly automated system.

After the sale: Vendor(s) support service contract and warranty to protect your automation investment for long term productivity and product quality.

We offer FREE technical assistance and engineering to those installing Automation Sensors, which are a big part of any Automated Machinery or System. Many times we can make slight design change to our current components, or produce new designs to fit your application(s). Call us, send us a sketch, file and or make an online submission here, Custom Product Requests (CPR).