Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley Product Groups

Rockwell Automation, the world's largest company dedicated to industrial automation, makes its customers more productive and the world more sustainable. The product groups that Rockwell Automation offers, which encompass sensors, switches and control inputs are listed below.

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Photoelectric Sensors
MiniSight™ Compact Rectangular

RightSight™ Standard On/Off

RightSight™ DeviceNet

RightSight™ DeviceNet

Series 9000 Harsh Duty

44R AccuSight™ 18 mm Right Angle

42CA 18 mm Cylindrical

42CS Cylindrical

42CM 18 mm Metal Cylindrical Style

42CF 12 mm Metal Cylindrical


Harsh Duty Sensors
872C WorldProx™ 3-Wire DC Proximity Sensors

Series 9000 Standard & Timing

Background Suppression

44B Adjustable Background & Foreground Suppression

42BT Long Range Background Suppression

42BC Long Range Background Suppression

42BA Short-Range Background Suppression


Miniature Sensors
42JS VisiSight™

42KA Ultra-Miniature Flat Pack

42KB Micro Rectangular

42KC Miniature Rectangular

Series 7000 Miniature Rectangular

Series 7000 LTD Miniature Rectangular


Laser Sensors
LaserSight™ RightSight™

LaserSight™ 9000

42CM LaserSight™ 18 mm Cylindrical

45MLD Laser Background Suppression

45CPD Analog and Discrete Output

45BPD Analog and Discrete Output

45BRD Analog Output


Color Mark Sensors
42CRC Color Registration Control

True Color Sensors

ColorSight™ 9000

45CLR ColorSight™


DIN Rail Mount Fiber Optic Sensors
45FVL Digital Fiber Optic

45FSL Fiber Optic

42FT Visible Red Plastic Fiber Optic

42FT Visible Green Plastic Fiber Optic

42FA Slim Fiber Optic


Clear Object Detection Sensors


Label Sensors
45LPT Optical Label Sensor

45LFM Capacitive Label Sensor


Fork Sensors
45LSP Optical Fork Sensor

45LST Optical Fork Sensor


Light Arrays
45MLA Measuring Arrays & Controllers

45DLA Discrete Light Arrays

45AST Area Arrays

45PVA Verification Arrays


Zero Pressure Accumulation Control
22ZC Zone Controller

44N Zone Control Sensor


Hazardous Location Sensors
Series 9000 Intrinsically Safe

Series 5000 Intrinsically Safe


Machine Vision & Smart Sensors
48MS MultiSight™


Specialty Series Sensors
Series 9000 Gate Entry

Series 9000 Diagnostic

Series 9000 Darkroom

Series 6000 Compact

Series 5000 Modular

Series 4000B Long Range

Series 10,000 Teachable


Accessories, Fiber Optic Cables
Glass Fibers

Plastic Fibers


Inductive Proximity Sensors, Tubular Styles
871TM All Stainless Steel

872C WorldProx™ 3-Wire DC Proximity Sensors

872C WorldProx™ General Purpose

871T Stainless Steel Barrel

871TS Food & Beverage

871Z Weld Field Immune

871ZT Weld Field Immune

871ZC Weld Field Immune

871C Special Purpose


Inductive Proximity Sensors, Rectangular
871P VersaCube™

871F Flat Pack

871F Block

871L & 872L Limit Switch Style

802PR Limit Switch Style

871FM Miniature Flat Pack

871P Can Sensors


Inductive Proximity Sensors, Cylinder Sensors
871D WorldClamp™

871D Cylinder Position


Inductive Proximity Sensors, Ring & Slot
871R Ring Sensors

871S Slot Sensors


Capacitive Sensors
875C Tubular Nickel-Plated & Plastic Barrel type

875CP Tubular Nickel-Plated & Plastic Barrels type


Limit Switches
801 General Purpose

802DN DeviceNett Limit Switches

802G Gravity Return

802M/802MC Pre-Wired Factory Sealed



802R Sealed Contact

802T Oiltight

Plug-In, NonPlug-In & Low Energy

802X Watertight & Hazardous Location

802XR Sealed Contact Hazardous Location

802B Compact, Precision & Small Precision

802T Safety Limit Switches (DALS)

440P IEC-Style Safety Limit Switches

22mm Compact Metal

22mm Small Plastic

30mm Large Metal

15mm Plastic

Operating Levers


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