In the beginning... After attending college and studying Mechanical Engineering Technology, SoftNoze founder Brett Truett landed a dream job with a 100 year old manufacturer. Already inventing and applying for patents for years as a student, Brett was dropped into a facility that was a time capsule of American manufacturing. Located just outside of Utica New York, the Union Fork & Hoe Company of Frankfort produced shovels, rakes and various other hand tools.

At one end of this mile-long factory was a log yard; at the other end was the plantís only robot cell. In between were; a saw mill, kilns, wood machining cells, maintenance shops, a very noisy forge and metal stamping operation, a machine shop, the tool and die shop, power house, painting, finishing, assembly and packaging, storage, quality control, warehousing and finally shipping.

It wasnít long before Brett was applying PLCís, motors, cylinders, limit switches and sensors to projects he was designing to automate the shovel plant. When labor wasnít available to install the machinery, Brett returned after hours to do the work himself.

It was here (as well as during other freelancing automation projects) that Truett witness sensor damage problems. One night Brett quickly pulled together a spring and some washers, and fashioned a protective sensor mount for an M18x1 inductive proximity sensor. The year was 1990, and in January 1991 SoftNoze was founded.

"SoftNoze Mount" lays foundation... Since 1991 SoftNoze has been designing, manufacturing and marketing stock, configurable, as well as custom Sensor Integration Components. Doing so, we have helped thousands of clients lower the costs, eliminated design hassles and kept sensor downtime to an absolute minimum. If you design, specify, sell, purchase, install or maintain automation sensors, then look to SoftNoze. If you manufacture or market sensors, then SoftNoze can help you and your team improve sales by helping to make your sensors/switches easier to specify, while also extending their usefulness and reliability.

As the world's most experienced integrator of Industrial Sensors & Switches, we have helped firms both large and small bring their control systems to "Up and Running" status faster, with leading technologies to Mount | Apply | Position | Protect automation sensors, switches, and machine vision cameras & lighting.

SoftNoze understands the effort required to develop a highly-reliable control system. In a vast system of electrical and mechanical controls, find SoftNoze Components here; we're on and around your control inputs. This is where SoftNoze sweats the integration details to insure that automation applications are delivered on-time and perform to world class standards. Much more than "just a bracket", for over twenty years this has been our single focus.

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Stock Components:
With the industry's broadest Product Line, it is likely that you'll find the integration solution you need in stock. SoftNoze advantages include:

Cushion Sensor

            • Wide variety of stock products
            • Large inventories
            • Friendly customer service
            • Superior product quality
            • Fast & accurate delivery

SoftNoze's products range from our simple, but unique RiteAngle™ Brackets, to patented designs such as our Cushioned Sensor Mounts, Proxtrol™ and EMC Technology™ solutions. Place a order and you will see that SoftNoze-designed products:

            • Provide easy and rapid sensor installation
            • Decrease sensor wear & tear
            • Eliminate future downtime
            • Facilitate sensor maintenance

Our engineers have specified and designed sensor-based control systems, and understand these environments. More importantly, our products are designed to fit into it.

Custom Solutions:
If you don't see a stock solution to fit your application, SoftNoze will give your ideas and or application to our highly-qualified development team. They will either customize a standard product or deliver an entirely new solution. Use our CPR Process and free yourself from the nagging integration details. Simply complete and submit our CPR Form and SoftNoze will provide:

Solid Model

            • Project Setup & Management
            • Solution Development
            • Complete quotes; pricing, part number, drawing & delivery options
            • Prototype & Sample Options
            • Manufacturing
            • Packaging & Inventory Programs
            • JIT Deliveries