First Prototype

An Inventor, An Idea The origins of SoftNoze can be traced, like many technology firms, to inventiveness. The Company's current President and co-founder discovered a solution to the costly problems of Sensor Damage, which plagues many factory floors and automated pieces of machinery. While working as an industrial automation engineer Brett Truett observed situations where non-contact sensors became damaged from accidental collisions, or “crashes”. Too often Truett witnessed sensors colliding with the targets they were designed to detect, but without contact. To ensure that machines designed by Truett functioned, without breakdowns due to “Sensor Crashes”, Truett used springs to mount proximity sensors. As a result any impact, to the now Spring-Loaded sensors, simply cuases the sensors to retract without damage; both the sensor and machinery continued operating reliably- costly downtime expenses are fully avoided.


Initial R & D After reviewing trade magazines and catalogs from major sensor manufactures, Mr. Truett confirmed a serious need existed. Confident that he had an opportunity to develop a new and useful product, he refined his design into compact housings that would fit the most popular proximity sensors. Next Truett enlisted a friend who owned a machine shop and the first prototypes were constructed. In the spring of 1991 with samples, data sheets and non-disclosure documents in hand, they traveled to the SENSORS EXPO in Chicago, IL. After receiving very optimistic feedback from major sensor manufacturers, they returned to New York to begin commercializing the "SOFT-NOZE" mount.

RiteAngle™ Bracket

Block Mount

Start Up Soon after the trip, Mr Truett and Mr Mahar incorporated as Soft-Noze USA Inc. Mr Mahar was named President, Mr Truett Vice President and the Company began operation on a part time basis. Having other patents to his name, and being familiar with the process, Mr Truett worked to submit a patent application. On June 9, 1992 the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office granted the patent for a "Soft Sensor Mounting". Meanwhile, news releases about the Soft-Noze Cushioned Sensor Mount were generating inquiries and customers.

With the help of private investors, Mr. Truett moved the Company to Utica, New York and soon after Mahar's ownership was purchased. SoftNoze began branding the Cushioned Sensor Mount and other components for industry's top brands. In the 1999, SoftNoze purchased its current Frankfort, New York (Utica) facility. Here the sales, marketing and engineering staffs are located, as well as a machine shop for prototyping and short-run production. Additional machining, stamping and molding operations are completed at other sites in Central New York.

Global Reach A wholly-owned Shanghai subsidiary was opened in 2008. In Germany, plans for a European operation are taking shape as SoftNoze continues to partner and support the global markets for automation components.

EMC Technology™

Proxtrol™ Device

The Future SoftNoze is uniquely focused on expanding its current market position as the most valued global provider of industrial Sensor Integration Components and technology. Backed by a growing product line, innovative technology, tooling, and an energetic staff, SoftNoze's mission is to help companies in virtually every industry cut costs and increase sensor usability and reliability. As industry's first-mover, SoftNoze is scaling beyond past successes and providing valuable solutions to an expanding client list. Welcome to what was the dawn, and now represents the future of Industrial Sensor Integration".