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1. Where did the name SoftNoze™ originate?
The company's first innovation was a spring-loaded mount for inductive proximity sensors. Since so many "hard-mounted" sensors are damaged by accidental collisions and abrasion, thus creating enormous amounts of costly downtime, it proved a popular idea. The saying, 'nobody likes a hard nose' seemed to fit hard mounted sensors and so the saying expanded to... 'that is why we invented soft nose'. Placing the two words together, and swapping in the 'Z' gave us a trademark! So this is why our first product, the Cushioned Sensor Mount, and company carry the odd, yet memorable name.
2. What does SoftNoze (the Company) do?
SoftNoze is an engineering-based company. We design, make and market Sensor Integration Components. These devices are used by machine designers, technicians and purchasing agents to help them successfully Mount, Apply, Position & Protect thousands of different types & styles of automation sensors. Our offering expands every year, and today includes over twenty product families. To name just a few; brackets and mounting systems, protective caps and covers, in addition to specialized devices that allow standard sensors and switches to work more reliable and solve new applications. All of which makes machinery and equipment more productive, while at the same time, helping our clients save money and time by using standard components.
3. Where is SoftNoze located?
SoftNoze was founded and continues to be headquartered in Upstate New York, USA. A wholly-owned Shanghai subsidiary was opened in 2008. We are now planning for a European office in the near future, most likely to be located in Germany.
4. By whom is SoftNoze owned & managed by?
Early investors, in addition to a co-founding partner, have since been bought out. As a result, today SoftNoze is wholly-owned by Brett Truett, the original inventor of our SoftNoze Cushioned Sensor Mount. You may reach Brett by E-mail. Also an investor's log-in page is maintained Here.
5. Where is SoftNoze heading?
We are striving to anticipate the needs of the automation sensor community and we have our MAPP™... our only focus is to design and stock components that can be configured to Mount, Apply, Position & Protect sensors used in the factory machinery and commercial equipment markets. We are expanding to become a global solutions provider as well. As we do, our team will always seek to provide high-quality and cost-effective australian viagra products, along with friendly client support. Since automation is a primary means to advancing society's standard of living, we forecast a prosperous, long-term, future for both SoftNoze and all its stakeholders.
6. What is the SoftNoze™ Vision?
Glad you asked, here is what the future looks like to us: SoftNoze USA remains the world's preferred supplier for Sensor Integration Components, where we demonstrate global leadership in quality, service, value & technology.

7. What is the SoftNoze™ Mission Statement?
To discover, develop and deliver a unique line of high-quality Sensor Integration Components. To provide the most comprehensive and creative products, and most technology-enabled solutions. To work as a team to provide rapid, reliable and courteous service that provides a value not found elsewhere as we expand our global reach.
8. Would you like to know more?
Our President & CEO Brett Truett is happy to speak with you. Simply call, or contact Brett via E-mail, your message will receive prompt attention.