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1. How can I show others how I used SoftNoze Components?
Sure, please complete and send-in the How I Did it! form with or without photo(s). SoftNoze would really enjoy seeing what you've done! We will also reward you with a $100 or $200 Amazon Gift Card. Just download the linked form below. Or email us at Hey SoftNoze, I want to tell you "How I Did it!"

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2. What are the names of the equipment & machinery where sensors, switches & SoftNoze's Sensor Integration Components can be found?
It's a long list, please see below. Also view Industry Applications profiles, and we'll occasionally add YouTube® links to those below, just click the link.

Airport Handling Equipment
Assembly Equipment for Large Parts
Automatic Guided Vehicles
Automatic Test Equipment
Automobile Production Machinery
Bag Forming Machines
Bagging Equipment
Batch Processing Equipment
Bending Equipment
Binding Equipment
Biscuit Forming Machines
Blow Molding Machines
Box Making Machines
Box Packers & Stackers
Brick Making Equipment
Bucket Elevators
Capping Equipment
Candy Production
Cartoning Equipment
Case Packing Equipment
Ceramic Production Equipment
Chair Lifts
Chemical Processing Equipment
Cleaning Systems
Coating Machinery
Component Insertion Equipment/PCB Production
Cooling Towers
Dough Formers
Drilling Machines
Electrical Switchgear
Engine Test Stands
Filling Equipment
Film Slitting Machines
Food Production Line Machinery
Glass Processing Equipment
Grinding Equipment
Inspection Equipment
Labeling Machines
Leveling Equipment
Lifting Equipment
Linear Actuators
Machine Loading & Unloading Equipment
Machine Tools
Marking Equipment
Measurement Systems
Medical Vialing Machines
Metal Stamping Presses
Mining, Autonomous Haulage Trucks & Drilling Rigs
Mixing Equipment & Tank Systems
Molding Machines
Packaging Equipment
Paper Folding Equipment
Paper/Film Converting Equipment
Part Sensing Equipment
Parts Feeding Equipment
Poultry Processing Systems
Press Brakes
Printing Equipment
Process Reactors
Pulp/Paper Manufacturing Equipment
Punch Presses
Roller Gantries
Mattress Production Machinery
Routing Equipment
Rubber Products Production Machinery
Saws-Saw Automation
Sea Port Handling Equipment
Shrink Wrapping Equipment
Slitting Machines
Spray Booths
Storage Carousels
Telescoping Booms
Tile Manufacturing Equipment
Tire Production Line Machinery
Tinning, Pickling, Etc.
Equipment Transfer Carts
Tube Bending Equipment
Tube Manufacturing Equipment
Urethane Processing Equipment
Vibration Feeders
Welding Equipment
Winding/Unwinding Equipment
Wood Working Machinery
Wrapping Equipment