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1. Can you share with me the efforts SoftNoze makes to support its community?
Yes, SoftNoze is active in the community. In addition to on-going annual memberships in various community and business-based groups, SoftNoze supports various efforts; please click here to learn more.
2. Does SoftNoze have an Environment Policy?
Yes, you may view it here SoftNoze Environmental Policy
3. I would like to report or comment on SoftNoze's citizenship, who do I contact?
Please feel free to use our Contact Page, or you may contact our President & CEO, Brett Truett, directly. Email Brett here.
4. Who should we contact to see if SoftNoze can help our group with a community-based initiative?
Our President & CEO, Brett Truett, is happy to work with you! Please email Brett using this link, where your comments will receive his attention!