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1. What products are offered by SoftNoze™? (You may use the Search Box to located specific model numbers.)
So many firms expand to carry whatever a customer needs, however at SoftNoze™ we're much more focused. Our sole scope of business is limited to components to help you integrate automation switches and sensors. You can remember it simply as MAPP™; Mount, Apply, Position & Protect. Our razor sharp focus is your advantage. You may View all SoftNoze Products Here
2. What brands of sensors will SoftNoze™ components work with?
Its a big list, please click Here for a listing of firms that our Sensor Integration Components work with.
3. What is special about a SoftNoze Cushioned Sensor Mount?
It's the patented spring action of course! With or without the lights on, lots of things go bump in factories around the world. Proximity sensors are notorious for failing due to these accidental bumps and abrasion. Like automobile accidents, they are called 'crashes'. The Cushioned Sensor Mount ends these costly worries with a simple, but elegant spring-loaded housing. Should a sensor get hit, the spring-loaded feature allows the sensor to retract and then return when the target retreats. We also include a free plastic cap to protect the sensing face from abrasion damage.
4. What is the life expectancy of a Cushioned Mount?
Actually the better question is, How long will your cushioned mounted sensors last? Answer, a very long time. These mount are intended to ease initial positioning concerns during installation, and then later when things get out of whack. We suggest using the Cushioned Sensor Mount as an insurance policy against downtime. Although we have tested them at full crash intensity and travel for over a million cycles without problems, we suggest your sensors be setup for non-contact operation the way they were intended- even when installed with a cushioned mount. We're not saying who or where, but we've heard at least a few mounts are getting quite a workout. But since shipping the first one in 1990, not one has been returned due to wear and tear!
5. What is the repeatability of the Cushioned Sensor Mount?
Sensors installed with a CSM always return to their original position as long as two things hold true; 1) The over-travel limit of the Cushioned Sensor Mount wasn't exceeded and 2) there are no obstructions preventing the spring from forcing the return of the sensor. Just a note; slack in the sensor cable must allow the spring to do its job!
6. Have a question about this or other SoftNoze product?
I'm a SoftNoze Product Engineer, and I'll gladly provide you with an answer I'll make it fast too!
7. May I see a copy of the SoftNoze Product Warranty?
Sure, please click for a PDF offering our Product Warranty.