A SoftNoze... just the thing when youíre up against it!

Know someone that assumed that another person was going to get the job done? And also get it done right? Is your plant's sensor-related downtime such an example?

In 1969, the term Mechatronics was born. It suggests that two or more disciplines must come together to properly complete a task in order to achieve optimal system balance and performance. Since automation sensors are the primary domain of control design, sometimes very important mechanical aspects of sensor placement can be overlooked. You also have the situations that develop on the plant floor, which were not anticipated or known by electrical or mechanical personnel during the design stages.

So when you have inductive sensors susceptible to things going bump in the night (or during the day), our patented Sensor Mounts are just the thing you need. Think we can help? Then consider becoming a Member of the SoftNoze SIC community.

SoftNoze is here for both electrical and mechanical personnel, with the Sensor Integration Components that both sides require for successful sensor applications. Please take a look at our Products page. In case you donít see what you need, visit our CPR™ section.

MAPP™ = Sensor Integration Components

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