Industrial Automation Sensor Mounting Brackets

Our sole line of business is helping people like you mount, apply, position and protect sensors, switches and machine vision cameras for equipment automation. Thank you for taking a look! On Twitter? If so, please consider a follow @SoftNoze

SoftNoze offers spring-loaded probe mounts for thread checking and inspection

March 4, 2016 - Logistics Automation Systems can require miles of conveyors to transport, size, and weight packages. Automatic identification (AutoID) is accomplished with a variety of mounted and aimed AutoID sensors. SoftNoze carries sensor mounting and positioning brackets of all types and for all makes and models of automation sensors. Follow @SoftNoze

January 12, 2016 - Look for @SoftNoze in leading Control Engineering, Machine Design, and Maintenance magazines in 2016. Looking to help advance Machine Builders, Designers & Factory Automation personnel with Mounting Brackets for Automation Sensors

October 9, 2015 - Hundreds of solutions to Mount, Apply, Position & Protect sensors like these! Review at Banner M18-3 Sensors SoftNoze offers Mounting Brackets for Banner M18-3 Sensors. Follow us @SoftNoze

September 30, 2015 - A MFG Day note, "Advanced sensors for manufacturing are critical to US competitiveness, read more Sensors & USA Manufacturing Via @SenixCorp SoftNoze USA can supply sensor mounts and brackets for Senix sensors

September 8, 2015
SoftNoze can help you Mount, Apply, Position & Protect ultrasonic sensors from Hoffmann-Krippner Follow @SoftNoze for more tips to protect proximity sensors from damage.

July 10, 2015
A new North American headquarters building for @ifmelectronic Read news story here new N.A. HQ for sensor manuafacturer ifm efector They produce automation sensors: proximity switches, photoelectric & vision sensors. Follow @SoftNoze for automation news regarding all things sensors. SoftNoze is exclusively focused on sensor and switch mounting brackets

June 5, 2015
Top 3 Applications for Sensors in Packaging Machinery- faster, more capable, adaptable Sensors Follow @SoftNoze for sensor mounting brackets for packagaing machinery and automation machine builders.

May 23, 2015
Drone captures Tesla Motor's Gigafactory Tesla vendor @SoftNoze plans for more Battery Factory, Sensor Bracket, for Factory Automation business in coming future. Good luck Tesla! Consider following SoftNoze USA Inc, @SoftNoze

April 21, 2015
Learn about Industrial Assembly Automation in Aerospace where robots @Boeing improve productivity and reduce backlogs. @SoftNoze has Sensor Brackets & Sensor Mounting Systems for Automation Switches & Proximity Sensors

April 19, 2015
World’s Automation firms rush to meet China's Robotic Machinery demands. Good news for Automation Sensors & Switches Follow @SoftNoze for news and alerts regarding Factory Automation, Sensors & Controls Contact SoftNoze for sensor mounts and switch brackets

April 10, 2015
Need to understand Fixture Clamping Automation concepts? That book can help, also mounting bracket design Components and ideas for #MachineDesign #Sensors #PartDetection @SoftNoze

April 7, 2015
Register for #EASTEC 2015 via @eastec Use FREE code ETSOCIA Shop Automation #Sensors #Fixtures More on sensor brackets and components to automation machine tool fixtures, follow @SoftNoze

March 23, 2015
Lessons in #Industrial #Instrumentation: pg 480 (PDF) Proximity #Sensors, pg 495 #Ultrasonic Level Switches Per @SoftNoze Ultrasonic Sensor Mounting Brackets

March 20, 2015
We're supporting automated factory assembly @TeslaMotors w/ Inductive Sensor-based "Banking Screw Adapters" Lots of robots means lots and lots of sensors and switches! See Tesla Motors' Automation. By/follow @SoftNoze

Thank you for taking a look! On Twitter? If so, please consider a follow @SoftNoze


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