An introduction to Sensor Integration Components and the SoftNoze MAPP™ slogan...

M - Is for ‘Mount’ and the most common attribute of SoftNoze components; they help you get your sensors mounted so they can complete their sensing function(s). Properly mounted sensors are critical for a reliable control system.

A - Stands for 'Apply', which is the act of putting or placing into service, to make work, or to employ for a particular purpose. Apply is also representative of SoftNoze's Proxtrol™ group of products. With Proxtrol™ you can apply sensors beyond their original or intended purposes.

P - Is for 'Position' and careful positioning is an essential element to every successful sensor application. Attaining the correct sensor position might require precise or course adjustments, frequent or infrequent changes, or perhaps you will need a feature to make your sensors completely non-adjustable?

P - The second 'P' is for 'Protect'. This feature gave SoftNoze its start and the spring-loaded Cushioned Sensor Mount continues protecting sensors today. Automation systems can place sensors into hostile locations, protecting sensors from accidental target contact, or a worker’s heavy boot, often means the difference between uptime and costly downtime.

MAPP™ = Sensor Integration Components

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