Conversion Brackets

Upgrading your sensor(s)? Don't want to modify the existing machine frame? Then use a CB. These components have two bolt patterns; one matching the old sensor bolt pattern, and a second one that accepts/secures the new sensor. Upgrades go faster, easier and require less tools and labor when a SoftNozeâ„¢ Conversion Bracket is specified.


CB-5000 and BC-6000
These two CB's will help install barrel-style proxes into existing limit switch bolt patterns. For 12 & 18mm diameter sensors; glass-filled Nylon with 303SS setscrew.

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This CB helps replace older puck-shaped sensors with newer 40mm Cube . Delrin® base, plus all required fasteners.

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Custom CB's
SoftNoze™ makes many custom Conversion Brackets. Let us design a component to make swapping your sensors easy, just complete our online form, we'll do the rest CPR.


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