Sensor, Switch, AutoID & Machine Vision Brands

Globally, machinery and equipment builders embed over $16B (USD) worth of sensors and switches. In the below pages we have listed better known brands of Sensor, Switch, AutoID and Machine Vision devices. We’ll provide some useful links and look forward to supplying you and your company with components to Mount, Apply, Position and Protect them. Learn more about sensors Here

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Contrinex AG
Leading Swiss manufacturer of inductive and photoelectric sensors, founded in 1972.


IDEC Corporation
Founded in Japan in 1945 by Izumi Shokai. Providing control, technology, based products and services to the world's industrial environments.


Migatron Corporation
Offering wide variety of high-quality standard ultrasonic sensors and controllers, as well as design assistance for semi-custom units.


HTM Electronics Industries
HTM sensors are designed for and tested by a variety of industries in many demanding applications. They are backed with a strong warranty, industry approvals, as well as a long track record of consistent performance.


INFRA Electronic
INFRA Electronic sensors now a brand/owned by Datalogic Automation.


Reer SpA
Italy's most important and one of the leading European manufacturers of optoelectronic sensors for industrial safety


Shanghai Lanbao Sensor Company Limited
Established in 1998, a leading industrial automation products supplier in China. Main products are sensors R&D, production, and sales.


MD Micro Detectors SpA
Operating in sensor development and production on the Italian national and international market since 1971.


Motion Sensors Inc
Motion Sensors specializes in developing and manufacturing sensors and electronics for companies based upon their unique specifications.


Siemens Miltronics Process Instruments Inc
Miltronics process sensors are a registered brand, and products offered by Siemens.


ELCO Industry Automation AG
Expertise experiences in the field of industrial automation, with sales organizations in Europe and China.


SST Sensing Limited
Designs and manufactures a wide range solutions for fluids, oxygen/carbon dioxide, speed, position, pressure and temperature.


Go Switch, Emerson Electric Company
Switch technology outperforms other types of sensors in applications that are hot, cold, wet, dirty, abusive, corrosive, explosive and nuclear.


Fargo Controls Inc
Solutions including proximity sensors, counters, timers, hour meters, rate meters and other industrial controls.


Dansk Opto Teknik A/S
Specialist in photoelectric sensors and components for industrial automation.


Leuze electronic GmbH + Company KG
Founded in 1963. Today focusing on the development, production and sales of sensors for packaging, conveyors, storage systems, graphics, medical, solar, electronics, wood-working, and automotive.


Microscan Systems Inc
Founded in 1982, Microscan is a global leader in technology for precision data acquisition and control solutions serving a wide range of automation and OEM applications. This includes the invention of the first laser diode barcode scanner and the 2D symbology, Data Matrix.


Markets a broad range of industrial automation components and systems through a catalog and online store.


Phoenix Contact Inc
Develops and manufactures electrical and electronic products to; power, protect, connect and automate industrial systems and equipment.


Accu-Sort Systems Inc
Laser & camera barcode scanners specifically for the warehouse material handling industry provide quality in data capture including; scanning, tracking and sortation applications. (A brand of Datalogic)


Datalogic Automation Srl
A major worldwide producers of automatic identification, detection and marking solutions for industrial automation, including; Laser, Imagers, RFID, Photoelectrics, Proximity Switches, and Laser for marking.


Comepi srl
Electro-mechanical devices for controlling machinery and fixtures in thermoplastic or die-cast aluminum; limit, safety and foot switches.


di-soric GmbH & Company KG
Specialized in the development and production of sensors for industrial automation; LED-lightings, image processing and ID-devices.


Datalogic Automation Inc
In 2008 Datasensor SpA and Datalogic Automation announced they were joining forces again under the name of Datalogic Automation


GE Measurement & Control
Leading innovator in sensor-based measurement, inspection, asset condition monitoring, controls, and radiation measurement.


Formally, Control Concepts Corporation, product portfolio expanded upon the original line of pilot devices to now include over twenty lines of electrical controls products.


Xinling Electrical Company Limited
Established in 1990, now with 13 sub-branches and direct distributors offering relays, controllers and sensors.


ema Electronics Limited
Professional manufacturer in the field of industrial switches and sensors, including automation and instrumental apparatus with outstanding R&D.


Tyco Electronics Corporation
Industrial non-contact sensors for the detection of distances, positions, angles and rotations.


Pulsotronic GmbH & Company KG
Subsidiary of SKS Holding GmbH, a worldwide active supplier of sensor technology and electric components for automation and automotive.


Dewit Industrial Sensors BV
Develops, manufactures and markets sensors, control systems and customized electronics for a wide range of applications.


Welotec GmbH
Since 1969, sales and product managers concentrating on industrial solutions for data communication and automation.


Tippkemper-Matrix GmbH
Sensors developed and manufactured according to your requirements with guarantee of high quality, accuracy and integrity.


Conch Electronic Company Limited
Working to become the No 1 manufacturer of automation components in Taiwan.


Jaquet AG
A global engineering and manufacturing company specializing on speed sensors for automotive, power generation, railway, marine, mobile hydraulics & industrial machinery.


Huizhou Bode Electronic Company Limited
Professional Chinese manufacturer and designer of inductive, capacitive, photoelectric, light curtain, fiber-optic sensor, and connector cables.


Meba Electric Enterprises
Manufacturers and exporters of limit switches, inductive and photoelectric proximity sensors.


IMO Precision Controls Limited
Founded in 1972, a UK-based global manufacturer and supplier of industrial control and electronic products.


Greegoo Electric Comapny Limited
OEM/ODM manufacturer electrical/electronic components and products, pilot-run production and mass production; proximity sensors and limit switches.


Loke Engineering GmbH & Company KG
Measuring sensors and guidance systems for crane positioning and automation.


Provibtech Inc
Global supplier of advanced machinery protection and condition monitoring systems.


Kobold Messring GmbH
Leading international instrumentation engineering enterprises founded in 1980.


Suzhou Maochen Group
Professional brand with a focus on automation sensor and LED light towers.


Stonel Corporation
Global leader in providing reliable, field-proven technologies into practical valve monitoring & sensing applications.


Innosen Europe SLU
Worldwide developer and manufacturer of cost-effective sensors and quality control equipment for 3-pc can producers.


Autosen GmbH
Founded in Germany in 2011, a joint venture with one of the world's leading manufacturers in automation & sensor technology companies, discounted position sensors offered exclusively online.


C + R Automation GmbH
Manufacturers and technical partners in the fields of sensors, connectors and LED lighting systems for automation.


Elesta Optosensors AG
Optosensors used in automotive industries, robotics, and a wide variety of other applications. The original Switzerland factory closed in 2007 when Elesta was acquired by Leuze Electronic.


Klaschka Industrieelektronik GmbH
For over 40 years, developing, manufacturing and marketing electronic components and systems for the automation of machines and plants, including sensors.


Bullier Automation
Manufacturer of high temperature, inductive, proximity sensors for non-contact sensing.


Wieland Electric GmbH
Germany-based manufacturer of industrial controls, including; light curtains, grids, safety and magnetic switches, and connectors.


PIL Sensoren GmbH
Internationally recognised specialist for the development and production of ultrasonic distance sensors for industrial automation.


Ningbo Yinzhou Mingrui Sensors Company Limited
Producer of Holleywin™ branded automation industrial sensors; photoelectric, inductive, flow and level controls.


Ningbo Tehorn Electronic Technology Company Limited
A high-tech manufacturer specializing in the research, production and distribution service of sensors and other industrial automation products.


H Zander GmbH & Company KG
German firm founded in 1950, by Hermann Zander who manufactured his own microswitch designs.


ASA Electronics Industry Company Ltd
Japanese firm that develops, produces and markets mechatronics parts that include; magnetic sensors, contact and contactless switches.


Aeco srl
Since 1978, Italy-based and in more than 50 countries worldwide, supplying inductive, capacitive, photoelectric, fiber--optic, magnetic reed and ultrasonic sensors.


Italian manufacturer of metal and plastic limit switches with variety of plungers and operators for machine control.


Shanghai Cable Electronics Company Ltd
Shanghai company founded in 1995, and committed to development of industrial safety sensor products, including light curtains.


AI-Tek Instruments LLC
Designs and manufactures electronic and electromechanical products which protect, monitor and control.


Weber Sensors International
Manufacturer of the "Captor" brand sensors and detectors for automated solutions.


Machine Guard Solutions Ltd
Machine guarding light curtains for machine and equipment safety.


Laser-View Technologies Inc
Founded in 1999, an integrator of precision laser micrometers, displacement sensors, and machine vision systems for inspection.


Zhejiang Hugong Automation Technology Co Ltd
"Hugong" is located in Yueqing, China and specializes in manufacturing and marketing proximity switch, as well as other control devices.


Monarch Instrument
An ISO 9001-2008 rated company supplying portable speed measurement products, including various types of sensors.


Zimmer Group GmbH
Automation components including grippers, linear slides, sensors and sensor mounts.


Suns Electric Company Ltd
Manufacturer of industrial control components, such as limit and safety switches, as well as micro and proximity switches. Visit SUNS


Aventics GmbH
Former subsidiary of Bosch Rexroth, a manufacturer of pneumatic components and systems, including magnetic and inductive sensors.


Shanghai Yuanben Magnetoelectric Technology Co Ltd
Established in 2001, a professional company engaged in the design and production of magnetic and inductive proximity sensors.


Shenzhen Sunens Industry Company Ltd
R&D, design, production, sales and service of optoelectronics light curtains and sensors machine automation industry. Visit Sunens


Gentech International Ltd
As division of the MEAS group, designs and manufactures liquid level, position and optical sensors, and flow switches for a broad range of industries.


KRONZ Electronic GmbH
Founded in 1990s Kronz has grown from its Germany base to become a global manufacturer and supplier of industrial sensors.


Jiangsu TX Plastic Optical Fibers Co Ltd
Professional high-tech manufacturer of plastic optical cable and fiber-optic sensors, visit at: TXPOF



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