Sensor, Switch, AutoID & Machine Vision Brands

Globally, machinery and equipment builders embed over $16B (USD) worth of sensors and switches. In the below pages we have listed better known brands of Sensor, Switch, AutoID and Machine Vision devices. We’ll provide some useful links and look forward to supplying you and your company with components to Mount, Apply, Position and Protect them. Learn more about sensors Here

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CEDES Safety & Automation AG
A leading provider of optosensoric components worldwide, and a 100% subsidiary of US Rockwell Automation Inc since May 2008.


Siemens AG
From A to Z, world’s single-source leader of automation technology products for all industrial sectors.


STAN Automation System Company Limited
Specializes in tension, force, pressure, proximity, photoelectric, optical fiber sensors, and limit switches.


F&C Electronics Technology Company Limited
Focus on the development and manufacture sensors; light curtains, laser, proximity, photoelectric and fiber sensors.


Shanghai Sonon
Joint venture by Omron (China) Co Ltd and Shanghai Sonon, for production of photoelectric sensors and proximity switches


ipf Electronic GmbH
Manufacturer and supplier of the almost widest range of products in the world of sensors.


Sanil Electric Company Limited
Established 1987 as a manufacturer of transformer including oil and dry types, and also the development of proximity sensors.


Canlie Electric LLC
Founded in 1980 and a professional manufacturer for industrial switches in Taiwan.


Hanyoungnux Company Limited
Supplying temperature control, measurement instruments, timers, panel meter and proximity sensor.


QianWei Electric Company Limited
Established in 1998, one of China's most professional manufacturers offer their Q&W branded sensors.


Shanghai Zonho Electron Company Limited
Twenty year history, offering photoelectric, proximity, fiber-optic, safety light curtain sensors and more.


KITA Sensor Technology Company Limited
Established 1988 products for field of automation, widely accepted by the Taiwan and exported to the US since 1996, ISO 9001.


steute Schaltgeräte GmbH & Company KG
Fifty years developing and manufacturing high-quality switchgear, sensors and control units for industrial automation.


Senix Corporation
Ultrasonic sensors for R&D, machinery and industrial automation distance measurement for level, proximity and range detection.


Bernstein AG
Ranks among the world's leading providers of industrial safety technology, offering comprehensive range of switches, sensors and enclosures.


SIE Sensorik Industrie-Elektronik GmbH
Specialist in development of capacitive sensors. Note; SIE was purchased by Balluff GmbH.


Jokab Safety
Jokab was acquired by ABB in 2010, and offers customers tailored, turnkey solutions where machine safety is an integral and value-enhancing component.


ABB Jokab Safety NA
Sensors and Switches for meeting existing safety standards; supervise doors, gates and hatches Safe stops and reliable restart controls.


TAKEX Sensors
Part of Takenaka Sensor group of Japan; a leading manufacturer of Security and Industrial Sensors for a demanding global markets.


“Control without compromise” by providing the absolute standard of excellence in valve control, position sensing, and field networking; part of Emerson Process Automation.


Sensor Instruments GmbH
Young, expanding, company in the field of sensor technology; a specialist for customer-individual sensors on a national and international scope.


Square D Company
Schneider Electric division: Electrical power distribution, control systems, and services for automation, circuit protection, electrical distribution, machine control, motor control, and power management.


Telemecanique Sensors
Nine decade history of manufacturing factory automation and safety sensors; today a brand of Schneider Electric.


Kanson Electronics Inc (Kanson ISSC)
Develops innovation solutions for specific contract assembly problems; globally recognized supplier of sensors made in US since 1963.


SensoPart Industriesensorik GmbH
Leading supplier of industrial sensor technology; successfully investing in research and development.


MTS Systems Corporation
Global supplier of mechanical testing systems and position sensors for a wide variety of markets and application.


AMETEK Electronic Instruments
Designs, manufactures, and distributes sensors and sensor-based instruments and calibration systems that provide precise measurements of pressure, level, temperature, position, force, material tension, compression, and hardness.


Rechner Industrie-Elektronik GmbH
Founding in 1965, has a leading global position within the area of capacitive sensors.


Marketing a range of climate sensors, and also develops, produces and markets a wide range of capacitive sensors under the "dol-sensors" trademark.


Wachendorff Prozesstechnik GmbH & Company KG
Encoders as components or as an intelligent comprehensive system solution; incremental or absolute with optical or magnetic technologies.


Afag Automation AG
Developing assembly components for over 50 years, and a leading suppliers in this sector.


Sommer-automatic GmbH
More than 3000 high-quality products; grippers, swivel and rotary modules, robot accessories, vacuum components, separators, sensors and many others.


Misumi Shoji Company Limited
Leading supplier of configurable and fixed components for the Factory Automation, Press Die and Plastic Mold Industries.


Zhejiang Engineering Automation Technology Company Limited
Production and management of proximity, photoelectric, and magnetic sensors.


Proxitron GmbH
Since 1979 developing and manufacturing sensor products and application-specific customer solutions exclusively in Germany.


Visolux Elektronik
Company purchased by, and brand name now owned by Pepperl+Fuchs, making one of largest and modern lines of photoelectric sensors.


Designs, manufactures, and supplies high-quality photoelectric sensors, fiberoptics and controls for industrial applications.


Comus International
Leading manufacturer of tilt and tip-over switches, motion and vibration sensors, and float switches.


Opticon Sensors Europe BV
One of the first companies in the world to specialize in the manufacture of barcode scanners.


Sitron Sensor GmbH
Develops, manufactures and sells sensors for automation and traffic engineering.


Shanghai Vanguard-ifm Electric Company Limited
Manufacturer specialized in R&D, production and marketing of inductive, capacitive, photoelectric and color mark sensors.


Inprox Technology Corporation
Bringing advanced materials, designs and ideas to the sensor industry in concert with our partners and customers.


Locon Sensor Systems Inc
Modifying standard units and designing new sensors for almost 20 years; customized photoelectric, capacitive and inductive proximity sensors.


Shenzhen Jimou Sensor Technology Company Ltd
Specializes in development, production, sale and services of sensors widely used in the industrial mechanical equipment.


Since 1987 a manufacturer of connectors and connection systems for sensors and reed switches.


Nanjing KJT Electronic Company Ltd
Specialized in inductive, capacitive, and photoelectric proximity sensors with global customer base.


Biduk Electronic Company Limited
Becoming a famous China brand specializing in; inductive, high temperature, capacitive, photoelectric and other sensors.


BDC Electronic Srl
Founded 1970, first to produce proximity sensors in Italy. Extremely agile, ISO 9001 certified, with highest level of automation and rigorous testing.


A young company that markets sensors and automation components to the Swedish industry.


Specialists in the development and manufacturing of sensors and systems for monitoring
and measuring fill level.


Omni Ray
European distributors with a world reputation in industrial automation.


Schlüter Automation und Sensorik GmbH
Troubleshooting sensors in 1967 was the start, now a complete line of sensors and systems for machine automation.


Selet Sensors Srl
Selet was founded in 1973 in Turin, Italy. In 1981 the products range expanded to photoelectric sensors and proximity switches.


Hugong Group Company Limited
Provider of OMKQN branded inductive and photoelectric proximity sensors for industrial controls in Zhejiang, PRC.


Williamson Corporation
Manufacturer of infrared pyrometers for industrial applications, founded in 1951.


Delta Electronics
Taiwan-based supplier of electromechanical, encoders, and machine vision products for industrial automation.


Nidec-Shimpo America Corporation
Manufactures speed, force and torque testing sensors and inspection instrumentation for process control, automation and countless more.


Greyline Instruments Inc
Worldwide leader in ultrasonic instrumentation for industrial and environmental markets.


Nivus GmbH
Developer, producer and supplier of measurement equipment for water industry.


Toky Electrical Company Ltd
Manufacturer of industrial controls, including proximity sensors.


Xian Guangxing Mechano-Electronic Company Ltd
Manufacturer of ultrasonic level sensors and related controls since 2008.


OSNA Electronics Pty Ltd
Since 1983 a manufacturer of photoelectric and other sensors for factory automation.


Metrology Resource Company
Founded in 2004 to develop laser distance sensors and laser measurement systems for industrial and OEM use.


Dongtou Xushi Sensor Company Ltd
Manufacturer of photoelectric, light curtain and magnetic sensors, as well as hall effect switches for industrial control equipment.


HSI Sensing Inc
Leader in the engineering and precision manufacturing of custom reed switch and sensor technologies.


Chinese, Shanghai-based, manufacturer of automation sensors, on web at: Zhunlian


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