Sensor, Switch, AutoID & Machine Vision Brands

Globally, machinery and equipment builders embed over $16B (USD) worth of sensors and switches. In the below pages we have listed better known brands of Sensor, Switch, AutoID and Machine Vision devices. We’ll provide some useful links and look forward to supplying you and your company with components to Mount, Apply, Position and Protect them. Learn more about sensors Here

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Honeywell International Inc
Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address tough challenges linked to global macrotrends such as safety, security, and energy.


TR-Electronic GmbH
For 25+ years, an inherent part in the world of automation - more precisely, in the development and production of digital angular and displacement measurement technology.


Tend Technology Company Limited
Founded in 1978 and today a leading manufacturer of control components; toggle, micro and limit switches, illuminated push button switches, indicators, photoelectric switches and terminal blocks.


TRsystems GmbH, Unidor Division
Over 30 years of sensor technology; eddy current, piezo, impact sound, optical, analog, reflex light barrier, fibre-optics, inductive, wire probe, and color detection sensors.


Shanghai Pubang Sensor Company Limited
Established 2005, its predecessor Hsu's Sensors, established in 1996, has been committed to contribute to the sensor industry.


Werner Electric GmbH
Founded 1910 to supply electrical products to the industrial automation and control technologies sectors; including limit switches.


Pizzato Elettrica Srl
Position switches for every type of industrial machinery in the sector of wood, metal, plastic, automotive, packaging, lifting, medicinal and naval.


Jining Keli Photoelectric Industrial Company Limited
Since 1984 the research and development of optoelectronic protection devices;
light curtains.


Yingke Industrial Automation Company Limited
Specializes in automation equipment development, including proximity sensors, located in Ningbo, PRC.


SoftNoze USA Inc
Offering unique solutions since 1991, Proxtrol™ branded solution allow inductive proximity sensors to Solve New Applications


Pilz GmbH & Company KG
International technology leader in automation technology, offering sensors, control & drive technology.


Fotek Controls Company Limited
Established 1985 and dedicated to; research, development and manufacture of industrial
automation hardware for Taiwan’s machine industries.


Shanghai Jeelon Electron Company Limited
Over twenty years' experience of researching, developing and producing various series of proximity, photoelectric and magnetic switches.


Roland Electronic GmbH
Leading supplier of application specific sensors and industrial electronics for industrial sectors, such as automotive, home appliance,metal sheet and tube processing, wire and cable, etc.


Eaton Corporation
Manufactures automation and control products, including sensing and monitoring relays, operator interface, counters and timers, pushbuttons, stacklights, toggle switches and programmable logic controllers.


Namco Controls
First U.S. company to respond when non-contact electronic sensing was required in automotive assembly lines, now part of Danaher Specialty Products.


Telco Sensors
Danish developer and manufacturer of photoelectric sensors, amplifiers, light curtains and optical fork sensors.


Sanyou Technology Inc
Drawn to the development, production, and application of meters for industrial process measurement, control systems and auto controls.


Syron Engineering & Manufacturing LLC
"Pressroon-duty", steel faced, proximity sensors survive where standard proximity switches fail.


Hans Turck GmbH & Company KG
Leading manufacturer in industrial automation, offering more than 13,000 sensor, fieldbus, interface and connectivity products for factory and process automation.


wenglor sensoric gmbh
Founded 28 years ago, now international, standing for innovative products for contact-less object recognition.


Panasonic Industrial
Industrial sensors; developing components and material technologies serving as the building blocks for the wide range of advanced products. Brands include; Panasonic, Matsushita, SUNX...


Bremas Ersce SpA
Designing and manufacturing limit switches for more than 30 years.


A leading manufacturer of electrical supplies, and now a brand owned by Eaton Corporation.


EMX Industries Inc
Manufacturer of advanced industrial sensors used in automation by most of the Fortune 500 companies, designs are application driven.


Sense Electronica Ltda
Opened in 1976, now known as one of the most remarkable Brazilian automation companies offer inductive proximity sensors and other control products.


Kaifang Photoelectric Company Limited
In Taiwan since 1983, always upgrading to match growth of automation industries, with competent engineers and production personnel- CE certified.


Kunhung Electric Company Limited
Established since 1969, a leading professional manufacturer of industrial control equipment with an integrated ISO9001 quality assurance system.


Hangzhou Jie Budi Electronic Company Limited
Chinese company dedicated to the field of automation technology research and development.


Guangzhou Senex Instrument Company Limited
Hi-tech enterprise engaged in development and production of pressure, differential pressure transmitters and temperature instruments.


SNT Sensortechnik AG
A pioneer in ultrasonic distance measurement, developed and manufactured in-house.


Micro-Epsilon Messtechnik
Designs and manufactures high-precision sensors, instruments and systems for displacement, position, dimension, color and temperature measurement.


Vester Elektronik GmbH
Active in the development, manufacturing and distribution of systems for the monitoring of stamping tools.


PM Instrumentation
Range of sensors and measurement systems for demanding automation of industrial processes.


Lion Precision
Passion for solving precision measurement problems, with application & design engineers that offer creative solutions.


Parasnath Electronics Private Limited
Since 1994, a ISO 9001 business organization engaged in manufacturing, supplying & export of electrical switches & proximity sensors.


Dongguan Lionpower Electronic Company Limited
Founded in 2000 and dedicating to designing and manufacturing industrial instruments including proximity sensors applied in the petroleum, chemistry, light industrial, metallurgy, machinery markets.


Auspicious Electrical Engineering Company Limited
Manufacturer of electrical control components, including limit and enclosed switches, since 1979.


Schönbuch Electronic GmbH
German manufacturer of inductive, color, and optical sensors owned by Omron since 1992.


Founded in 1971 and a leader in colour, laser and opto sensors, now called Micro-Epsilon Eltrotec GmbH.


Meyer Industrie-Electronic GmbH
Three firms: Ingenieurbüro Herbert Meyer Systems, Meyer Industrie Electronic GmbH & ISR Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH provide sensors and controlling components for automation industry.


Dimetix AG
Develops, manufactures and sells worldwide; high-quality contact-less laser distance measurement sensors for harsh industrial environment.


Messotron Hennig GmbH & Company KG
Founded in 1970, a manufacturer of sensors and measuring equipment certified to ISO 9001:2000 quality standard.


Yueqing Aotoro Electric Automation Company Limited
Founded in 1997, a manufacturer of sensors and electromechanical components, offered with CE certification.


Hokuyo Automatic Company Limited
Japanese manufacturer established in 1946 offering photoelectric, laser, microwave & ultrasonic sensors.


Leading manufacturer of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic industrial automation actuators, also offering inductive sensors and reed switches.


Xiang Yun Technology Company Limited
Taiwanese magnetic sensor and switch manufacturer, plus ALIF Technology Company Limited in China.


Tianjin Geneuo Technology Company Limited
Since 2009, the GT/GSEE Tech brand of inductive, photoelectric and vision sensors offer solutions to industry.


EGE-Elektronik Spezial Sensoren GmbH
Since 1976, developing and manufacturing special-purpose sensors for automation applications.


AVG Automation
Automation products since 2005; PLCs, HMIs, software, power supplies, and proximity sensors.


IBEST Electrical Company Ltd
Applying talent to industrial electrical and automation fields; mainly involving instruments, sensors and related technologies.


Preigo Electric Group Company Limited
Mainland China manufacturer of proximity sensors; inductive and photoelectrics.


Lovato Electric
Lovato Electric designs and manufacturers limit switches for industrial applications, established in Bergamo, Italy in 1922.


microsonic GmbH
Globally recognised specialist in ultrasonic sensors for applications in industrial automation technology and industrial vehicles.


High-quality industrial sensors and competent care for over 20 years, for use in plant construction and mechanical engineering.


ASTECH Angewandte Sensortechnik GmbH
Specialist non-contact measurement sensors for industry for detection and measurement of; velocity, length, distance, position, width and color. Systems s.a.s.
Production of electronic equipment and systems for security; light curtains for industrial automation.


Safety barrier lights for operator workstation areas, access, and perimeter protection.


Witt Sensoric GmbH
Since 1993, specialized in the development and production of safety sensors and accessories for the gate industries.


Chengdu Huitong West Electronic Company Ltd
HTW, established in 2003, focuses R&D and manufacturing on piezoelectric ceramic that go into their ultrasonic sensors.


HUYU Group Company Ltd
Founded in 1989, a leading enterprises manufacturing high and low voltage electrical components, including limit switches.


Automation Systems Interconnect Inc
Mechanicsburg, PA (USA) manufacturer of barrel photoelectric sensors, and also markets other sensor types, including; fiber, area, capacitive, magnetic, and safety sensors.


WayCon Positionsmesstechnik GmbH
Specialises in precision distance measurement systems and professional sensor technology for industry and research.


Sensor Control Nordic AB
From Sweden, an independent supplier of components and systems for industry automation.


LTN Servotechnik GmbH
German manufacturer of components for the drive and automation industry, including encoders.


Pantron Instruments GmbH
German sensors; light barriers, photoelectric, fork, ring and angle detection devices for industrial automation.


Fiama Srl
Founded in 1913 as a mechanical workshop to develop manufacturing instrumentation for farm machinery, today offering sensors for process control.


AB Elektronik Sachsen GmbH
Leading and international organisations in field of electronic components and sensors; inductive and capacitive types.


WenZhou Yitong Automation Equipment Co Ltd
Chinese sensor and switch OEM, maker of conveyor switches, limit switches and photoelectric sensors.


Dongtou Yiwei Automation Equipment Factory
Chinese manufacturer of photoelectric proximity sensors for factory automation.


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