Industries & Markets

Manufacturing machinery, and all types of commercial equipment (from mobile vehicles, to port handling cranes, to amusement rides) use sensors and SoftNoze Sensor Mounting Components. These Markets or Sectors are often grouped into and called by various labels. The following segment labels are often commonly used.


Automatic Identification (AutoID) defines applications where scanners, smart sensors and bar code readers help automate the identification, processing and routing of goods and objects....


Discrete Automation
Assembly of components or sub-assemblies into more valuable final products, where physical manipulation of discrete entities occur. Examples include; semiconductor, appliance manufacturing, or an automobile production. Discrete automation also called “Factory Automation.


Factory Automation
Factory and "Discrete" Automation are often used interchangeably, and deals primarily with the automation of manufacturing, quality control and material handling processes.


Fluid Power
Use of fluids under pressure to generate, control, and transmit power, industry subdivided into hydraulics (oil) and pneumatics (air) segments. Forces and components transmit power from a central source for industrial and commercial uses, including mobile machinery.


Industrial Controls
Devices manufactured in this industry include controls and control accessories such as relays, motor starters and controllers like the PLC.


Process Automation
Operations that convert various "raw materials" into another "end product", such as at an oil refinery. Controls systems tend to be more complex and expensive when compared to discrete/factory automation. Operating continuous (run 24/7) or in shorter batch model.


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