Industries & Markets

Virtually every Industry has a market that uses mechanization that's under computer control. These systems contains sensors, switches & related devices. At every point within the production of vehicles, food, beverages, including entertainment venues, count on critical feedback provided by sensors. It is here, and all the markets/sectors listed below, you will find SoftNoze Sensor Mounting Components installed with these important input devices.


Automotive, Truck & Bus
Millions of cars, trucks, and buses are produced by a massive network of parts and assembly facilities. Machinery systems of all types here use SoftNoze components.


Beverage Production
Beverage industry consists of two major categories and eight sub-groups. Non-alcoholic (soft drinks, water, juices, coffee & tea. Alcoholic include distilled spirits, wine and brewing


Consumer Packaged Goods
Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) & consumer packaged goods (CPG) are both products that sell quickly at relatively low cost. Here product lines run at high speed.




Fibers & Textiles


Food Production


Forest Products


Personal Care, Household & Chemicals


Life Sciences Equipment


Material Handling Equipment


Shipbuilding & Marine


Primary Metals Processing


Mining, Minerals, Aggregate & Cement


Oil & Gas; Exploitation & Processing


Packaging Machinery


Power Generation


Print & Publishing


Electronics & Semiconductors


Tire & Rubber


Water & Wastewater


Metals Manufacturing


Ports & Terminal Equipment


Plastics Machinery




Site Construction & Mobile


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