Potential suppliers should consider these questions as they approach SoftNoze:

1. Are your transactional processes digital?
2. What value does your product/service have over your competition?
3. How does your proposal continually reduce waste?
4. Do you have an understanding of SoftNoze’s required terms and conditions?
5. Do you have a copy of your Liability Insurance, Worker’s Compensation and banking information?
6. Can your products be supplied with bar codes on packaging?
7. Do you have rate sheet with your current costs and fees?
8. Does your company provide free samples for workmanship comparisons?
9. What is your company’s D&B number?
10. What are your company’s programs concerning continuous improvement?
11. What is your quality assurance process to ensure compliance to specified requirements?
12. What are your EDI capabilities?
13. What are the names and contact information of your senior management?
14. What is your 24/7 emergency contact number?
15. Do you have a documented safety program?
16. Do you have an up-to-date equipment listing?

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