Automation Sensors & SoftNoze Components

At SoftNoze we're focused on components that add value to factory automation sensors. Small components that make a huge difference to control system performance and shortening machine building time to market.


Sensor Wells
Install capacitive and other automation sensors for level detection with Sensor Wells. Use model SW components for long term sensor performance, and to improve change-out speeds when sensors do fail, and or require an upgrade. Select a Sensor Well for your sensors.


Inductive proximity sensors often are placed into harsh operating conditions. Damage due to impact with targets and debris greatly reduce operation life times for sensors. Use a ProxArmor™ PA component for long term performance and improved change-out. Select a ProxArmor™ for your sensors.


Housing Covers
Welding cells and installations where sensors are faced with direct contact with abrasive or hot substances (even paint) will benefit for a cover. Using HC model components provides for longer term sensor performance, and also faster change-out speeds when sensors do fail. Select a Housing Covers for your sensors.


Proxprobe Adapter™
Turn a standard inductive proximity sensor into a mechanical, contact-type, detection switch. Models for M8x1, M12x1 and M18x1 shielded-style sensors create thousands of options for detecting parts and movements that non-contact sensors, nor limit switches, can reach. Select PPA and other Proxtrol™ solutions for your control system needs.


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